What is the Montessori Approach to Dementia and Aging?

Jul 5, 2023

Kentmere Rehabilitation & Skilled Care is known for our innovative implementation of the Montessori method in dementia care. This distinctive approach aims to establish an environment that nurtures older adults and individuals living with dementia by offering memory support and prompts to aid them in caring for themselves, others, and their community. At Kentmere, we take pride in our comprehensive Montessori training program for our dedicated team.

Our Kentmere caregivers undergo comprehensive training in the Montessori approach for Dementia and Aging, enabling them to provide a personalized, engaging, and respectful approach to care. The method is founded on the belief that every individual has the right to dignity, respect and to maintain a sense of purpose, even during challenging times. The Montessori method encourages a sense of independence, choice, and self-motivation.

The Montessori for Dementia and Aging certification program trains Kentmere team members to use individualized care plans to cater to each resident’s unique needs. Additionally, the program emphasizes the importance of creating a comfortable and homelike environment. It enables our caregivers to learn techniques that engage residents, creating an environment that provides a sense of belonging and encourages meaningful participation in daily activities.

The Montessori approach is founded on the principle of community, and the training provided ensures that team members are well-equipped to nurture and cultivate that sense of community. The program equips Kentmere with skills and techniques for building relationships through meaningful communication, recognition of resident preferences, and effective collaboration in planning and executing activities.

At Kentmere, the Montessori approach is a core part of the care provided, and the training provided to our caregivers reflects the center’s commitment to offering quality care to its residents. Contact us to learn more about our unique approach.

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