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With more than 100 years of combined experience, the rehabilitation team at Kentmere works to establish individual short- and long-term goals for each resident’s rehabilitation needs. Our dedicated team is comprised of physical, occupational and speech therapy professionals who offer the latest in modalities, programming, equipment and support six days a week.

Speech Therapy

Communication, cognition, feeding, swallowing, voice and respiration are key to a healthy and fulfilling life. Through exercise, retraining and the application of specialized clinical techniques, our speech-language pathologists optimize these critical functions of living to help patients achieve their best quality of life.

Occupational Therapy

Functioning independently with the highest degree of dignity is what we strive for with our OT patients, allowing them to perform activities of daily living (ADL) such as bathing, dressing, eating and cooking.

Physical Therapy

We’re here to get you moving! By maximizing an individual’s mobility to carry out daily living activities safely, we help each patient make progress toward their personal long-term goals. After careful evaluation, we establish an individual plan of care for each patient using rehab equipment, modalities, clinical procedures and measurable outcomes.

Kentmere’s state-of-the-art 2,800-square-foot gym gives residents ample space to build strength and skills. Our gym is equipped with the latest in cardiovascular equipment, a flat-screen TV and Wii-Habilitation for balance training, a variety of strength and mobility modalities, Accelerated Care Plus equipment (diathermy, PENS, etc.), a fully functional transition training kitchenette, a homelike bathroom with shower to practice bathing, and more.

In addition to the latest in therapy equipment, our rehab team uses cutting-edge modalities to maximize rehabilitation results including:

  • Low-Level-Laser (3LT) technology that customizes each patient’s rehabilitation program
  • Tailored programming for CHF, COPD, joint replacement, orthopedic recovery, pain management, strokes, wound care, incontinence, dementia and vision therapy
  • Daily life activity exercises to create a well-rounded dynamic therapy program

The right equipment makes a difference, but so do the right people. More than 10 dedicated therapy professionals – including Certified Occupational Therapists and a Vital Stim Certified Speech Language Pathologist – make up our experienced team. Regular interaction between residents and the therapy team creates comfort and increases trust.

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