Kentmere: Unmatched Care, Unmatched Location

Aug 1, 2023

Embrace the warmth and history of North Wilmington’s Forty Acres neighborhood at Kentmere Rehabilitation & Skilled Care, a treasured establishment since 1901! Our commitment to exceptional care is matched by our extraordinary location, which truly feels like home. 

Nestled in the scenic heart of beautiful Forty Acres, Kentmere provides an inviting and warm environment for our residents – and just like our care, our location is unmatched! Forty Acres was even ranked number one in’s “Best Neighborhoods to Live in Wilmington” in the year 2023!  

Take a look at what sets our neighborhood apart.

Forty Acres is a neighborhood steeped in history, with roots dating back to 1864. Formerly a 40-acre farmland, Forty Acres was developed into a streetcar suburb of Wilmington by local businessman and real estate developer Joshua Heald. Its popularity endured, and it still stands as the first Neighborhood Conservation District in Delaware. 

Beyond its rich cultural heritage, Forty Acres is a thriving mixed-use community with a perfect blend of residential and commercial properties. Kentmere is at the heart of it all, meaning that our residents can access all the facilities and amenities this vibrant neighborhood offers. From convenient shopping to dining options, exceptional parks, and access to transportation, there is always something to do and see near Kentmere.  

Most importantly, our residents experience and enjoy the sense of community, palpable camaraderie, and the close relationships that residents have cultivated over the years. There’s a strong sense of belonging in Forty Acres that can be challenging to find in larger cities. These close-knit relationships can lead to lifelong friendships and offer a vital lifeline for seniors who may have felt isolated or alone in their previous living environment.

Kentmere Rehabilitation & Skilled Care is located in a peaceful setting that ensures our residents have access to a broad range of options for enrichment, comfort, and enjoyment. From the area’s cultural heritage to its serene beauty and community forged in the neighborhood, it’s easy to see why Forty Acres is so highly regarded. And it’s because of our location in the Forty Acres neighborhood Kentmere remains one of the most sought-after places to live in Wilmington, Delaware.

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